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Amazon Paint had been providing solutions for the use of leftover
water-based paints since 1992. Using patented processes we have
manufactured many million pounds of paint into alternative products.

Contact Amazon for green solutions to your unwanted paints.

We have provided unique solutions for leftover paints, even paints that may have expended their useful life as a coating.

Paints with residual coating value can be used to manufacture a green,
recycled content coating that can be added to the product line of any
paint manufacturer.

Alternatively we utilize several patents to manufacture non-coatings
products from reusable or spent paints.

Paint Stewardship programs managed by PaintCare in California, Oregon and future programs will greatly increase the amount of leftover paints collected in the United States.

Amazon Paint looks forward to working with PaintCare and other Paint
Stewardship programs throughout the United States by utilizing all
paints in environmentally responsible products, reducing paints send
to landfills and incinerators.

Our sister company, Hotz Environmental, located in Ontario, Canada can
provide similar solutions for Canadian paint manufacturers.

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